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Enjoy our new Glorybrew spresso pods for Nespresso machines that are 100% compostable! We are proud to announce that our pods meet the DIN EN 13432 European standard for compostable products. The term compostable differs from biodegradable and recyclable; it's a much better alternative! Made from plant-based materials, these pods will completely disintegrate in industrial compost piles in just under 12 weeks. Standard biodegradable products are not bound to a reasonable time frame like compostable compostable products, so they often end up sitting in landfills for decades. You will not have to worry about leaving such a negative impact on the environment with our Glorybrew capsules.

We approached the Nespresso market with the goal of providing coffee-lovers espresso capsules that are quality, sustainable, and affordable. Glorybrew pods start at $0.53 per pods. When you compare this to the $0.70 price per pod that original Nespresso pods have, you will automatically save over 22% when you purchase our more eco-friendly alternative.

Our line of Nespresso pods features 9 royal themed espresso varieties that were crafted with a premium selection of beans originating from Africa as well as Central and South America. We recognize that coffee drinkers around the world have different preferences. Because of this we made sure to have a varied selection that includes standard espresso, lungo, ristretto, decaf, and flavored espresso. In regards to espresso strength, our selection has intensities that range from 4 to 10. Our goal is to make eco-friendly coffee accessible not only price, but in variety as well.