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K-Cups®* Compatible 2018-02-05T08:17:42+00:00

K-Cups®* Compatible

Our 100% compostable pods work in most K-Cup®* brewers and in all popular Keurig®* machines, even 2.0s!

These pods DO NOT work in Keurig®* Vue or Rivo®* brewers. They also DO NOT work in Commercial Keurig®* brewers.
Below is a list of the most popular Keurig®* machines our pods work in:

  • Keurig®* K15 Classic Series
  • Keurig®* K55 Classic Series
  • Keurig®* K250 Plus Series
  • Keurig®* K475 Plus Series
  • Keurig®* K575 Plus Series
  • Keurig®* K145 OfficePro®
  • Keurig®* K155 OfficePro®
  • Keurig®* K150 Commercial
  • Keurig®* K140 Commercial
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