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100% compostable pods for Keurig®* machines

Our pods are created in cooperation with BPI®* and PURPOD100™. The PURPOD100™ is the world’s first single-serve pod for coffee and other hot beverages that is certified as 100% compostable. The Biodegradalbe Products Institute (BPI®*) has certified these pods for the ASTM International standards of compostability, which has earned us the BPI®* compostable logo. We are proud to offer our fine selection of coffee in these environmentally friendly pods.

The finest coffee, packaged in the most innovative single-serve pod that’s right for our planet

Glorybrew offers pods for Keurig®* machines that are 100% compostable! Compostable is not the same thing as biodegradable or simple recycling. Compostable means that these pods will completely break down in about 7 weeks, becoming clean soil that can be added back into the ecosystem. Our pods end up as soil, not landfill.

Glorybrew pods consist of the following innovative materials:

– A compostable lid and ink system that even works with Keurig®* 2.0 machines
– A unique brown ring made completely from bio-based materials. We guarantee that no petroleum-based plastics are used in our coffee pods.
– A soft, compostable mesh filter, made using renewable materials.

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